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  • Organization has a capital (Owners base) of over INR 2000 Million.
  • Is holding Nationalized Bankers Sanctioned credit limits for letter of Credit & Bank Guarantees of INR 1000 Million.
  • Paras Group has expanded its horizons hugely with a group turnover of over INR 5000 Million per annum.

Few significant features from last audited Financial statements (2009) are :-

  1. Total paid up capital (owners fund) INR 241.90 Million.
  2. The tangible net worth is INR 286.80 Million. This reflects strong financial foundation of the firms.
  3. The working capital is ruling at INR 265.70 Million which signifies adequate liquidity.
  4. The net block of fixed Assets is over INR 86.20 Million. The fixed Assets largely includes the properties (Land & Building etc. ). Figures shown are as per books. The actual market value (realizable) stands many folds than the book figure.
  5. The current Ratio is 2.18 : 1, which is an optimistic signal showing strong cash flow potential of the firm.
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